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Setup up a new Google Phone

Started by bflores, November 05, 2021, 02:33:01 PM

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1.) Copy from previous phone (or do a new setup)
2.) Type in password for contacts
3.) Type in password for your mail account
4.) Download / Update Device Policy Manager App when prompted.
5.) Press the small back arrow in bottom left when prompted to setup work profile.  Will need to do this twice for both accounts.
6.) Finish setup. Ignore the this account requries attention in the notifications.
7.) Go to Passwords and Accounts and make sure you do not have a "Work" tab to the right.  Show only show "Accounts for Cognetic".  If you have the "Work" tab, click manage accounts on this device and delete.  If you cancelled the work policy install in step 5
8.) Go to Google Play Store.
9.) Click the chat head and make sure you have your account selected.
10.) Search, install or confirm "Google Apps Device Policy Manager" is installed and updated.  I had to wait a long time for all the apps to udpate.  May say pending for a really long time.
11.) Open Device Policy Manager.
12.) Click Next
13.) Click "Activate this device admin app"
14.) Click "Enfore"  will activate your personal account as you selected your chat head in step 9.
15.) Stay in device policy manager. Click Hamburger menu.
16.) Select contacts@cognetic.com from the drop down menu.
17.) Same steps as before.  Click "Next" and "Enforce"
18.) Go to settings, passwords and accounts, Click contacts@cognetic.com. Accounts Sync, and make sure you are only syncing contacts.